Engage specializes in custom software solutions. Our software development
is tailored to meet all requirements and exceed your expectations


Your process and needs are unique. Quite often, an off-the-shelf software package does not provide the solution to all of your process challenges. Machines must communicate with each other, supervisory systems need to monitor the process, and data collection systems need to ensure that the process data is available to those in your organization who require it.


Our expertise with PLC systems and PAC systems has been the driving force of our success. We have an extremely well-established record of designing functional control systems capable of controlling the most demanding of applications.

Our focus on simplicity during the design phase not only provides the most reliable results but also benefits your maintenance team in troubleshooting the system.

Do you have your own internal programming standards? No problem! We will adapt our programs to meet any requirements you might have.

Software Development - Engage Automation


Providing operators, managers, and maintenance personnel with effective human-machine interfaces (HMIs) to control and monitor your system is instrumental in keeping production numbers high and downtime low. An easy-to-use, easy-to-understand interface serves as the cornerstone of system efficiency.


We have a vast amount of experience in the design of visualization systems for operator control panels and supervisory/batching systems, as well as historical data collection systems and trending. If you have an existing system that needs new functionality, or if you are seeking to upgrade to newer technology, Engage Automation’s wealth of knowledge and experience will get you the results you deserve.


Sometimes your process demands a solution that is unlike anything that currently exists. This is where system design and creativity cross paths. Custom software development picks up where PAC /PLC programming capabilities fall short. 


Do you have challenges with any of the following?

Integrating legacy equipment into a
new system

Dealing with multiple
PLC systems

Data communication with equipment that utilizes custom interface design

Custom historical data collection systems
and trending

Engage Automation can help you solve these seemingly insurmountable problems and put your process back on track.